May 26, 2022 Train Derailment
At 4:00 Pm on May 26TH Emergency Management responded to the train derailment at the Allegheny Valley Joint Sewage Authority. A rock truck for a construction company working on the plant expansion project was crossing the railroad tracks and was struck by a train causing two locomotives and 18 cars to derail with 9 going off the bridge into Guys Run Creek. Four of which were tank cars carrying Petroleum Distillates. With some of the tank cars leaking and the dangers involved with the product and out of an abundance of caution and the safety concerns an Emergency Declaration was made for the area of Freeport Road from Guys Run Road to the Hulton Bridge. I want to thank all the first responders, Police, EPA, DEP, Coast Guard, Norfolk Southern, County Hazmat Team, County Emergency Services (Chief Matt Brrown, Steve Imbarlina, and Rick Colella. And I also want to thank all of the local, county, state and federal elected officials who kept in contact offering any help we needed and also the public for their cooperation on staying out of the area, heading our warnings,  allowing everyone involved to work safely and remediate the hazardous materials and have it safe enough to reopen the road one lane in each direction, even quicker than we expected, everyone involved has truly appreciated your cooperation, Thank You. 


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Covid--19 How to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic

During this unprecedented period all citizens should be practicing all the procedures that have been put out by the CDC, and Health Department. Remember to practice social distancing (keeping a distance of at least six feet between you and other people). Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and try to avoid going out unnecessarily. Mask should be worn by people who are sick. If you show any signs of the virus you should self quarantine yourself and all members of your household for 14 days , and contact your primary care physician. Symptom's are fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing. Check  on the elderly to see if they are ok and if they need anything. If we all work together and show extra kindness during these trying times we can defeat this and set an example of how much can be done by working together. We cannot defeat this pandemic alone, only by banning together we will make it through this. I want to thank all of you for your cooperation during these times.








#We are proud to announce that as of September 14th our agency took delivery of 10 desk top computers. These computers will be used in the Emergency Operations Center located in the Springdale Borough Building, at 325 School Street, Springdale, PA 15144. This addition will greatly enhance our ability to stay proactive, and to respond to all emergencies. This Center will also be used as a training center for all emergency responders (fire, ems, police, disaster teams, and shelter team). This will be the only EOC of this kind on the eastern side of Allegheny County. This was all made possible with donations and a grant from Walmart at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall

#As of October 23th all computers have been installed and networked and we are proud to announce that the Emergency Operations Center is up and running, and fully operational.




We are extremely excited to announce that on Thursday May 14, 2020 Allegheny Valley Regional Emergency Management Agency was one of two local organizations to receive a grant from the Cheswick Power Station owned by GenOn. It is because of the generosity of the local industries that we maintain the highest level of preparedness. This grant will enable us to enhance our ability to keep first responders safe during this pandemic. We plan on purchasing supplies ( N95 Masks, Rubber Gloves, Gowns, Face Shields and sanitizer) which will be critical in moving forward in the fight to beat this virus. All EMA staff the elected officials and all the citizens of the three communities we serve (Springdale Borough, Cheswick Borough and Harmar Township) want to thank GenOn.

# A representative from agency will be attending the Safe Schools Conference in Harrisburg, PA. as part of our ongoing training and to aid in keeping our School District a safe place for all students and staff. This is possible because of an great working relationship between the Allegheny Valley Regional EMA and the Allegheny Valley School District













# We are very excited to announce we are the first Emergency Management Agency  in the state of Pennsylvania to receive a donation of a satellite based EMWIN( Emergency Managers Weather information System ) , from Zephyrus Electronics LTD, of  Tulsa, OK. This was made possible by Carl Chernan of Tarentum – RF Engineer and EMWIN Field Representative ,  for Zephyrus Electronics  who was the driving force in getting us chosen as the agency to receive this system. Without his help this would have never happened. We are very excited to have this system, as it will raise our level of of being proactive even higher than we ever thought possible. We will be able to track all weather that is coming towards us and be able to tell earlier when severe weather is going to impact our area. Again thank you Carl for your help and continued assistance, as we move forward.


















Allegheny Valley Regional is proud to announce that we have received a donation of $500 from Sam's Club located at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall to help in equipping our new incident command trailer that we have just recently ordered.On behalf of all EMA staff, the elected officials, and citizens in the local communities we serve I would like to thank Sam's Club for their continued support to the emergency services. It is because of their generosity we are able to maintain the highest level of preparedness.


I am proud to announce that on August 15, 2019 Allegheny Valley Regional EMA received a donation from Springdale Energy. Thus enabling us to spec out and purchase an incident command trailer, to be used by all of the local police, fire, EMS and EMA departments for all types of emergencies. During several incidents and drills it was determined that a need for an incident command trailer was needed to help with the operations during emergencies. If it weren't for Springdale Energy's generosity and commitment   to helping the local emergency services be the best equipped to handle emergencies, this would not have been possible. We want to express our sincere thanks gratitude to Springdale Energy and it's  employee's.  


On April 7,2016 Allegheny Valley Regional EMA responded to the Springdale High Rise to assist in the evacuation of the residents. All residents were taken to the Springdale Borough Building. They were kept there from 5:30 AM until 9:30Pm. We want to thank all who helped during the day. The American Red Cross, the Aspinwal Shelter team, the Springdale Shelter team, the Housing authority of Allegheny County, the Lower Valley Ambulance, New Ken Ambulance, the department of Ageing, the local officials, the police, and fire departments. And also Dunkin Donuts, Sheetz, and Eatin Park, for their donations of food.

On August 10 2016 we will be hosting a Senior Preparedness program for all senior's from the local communties (Springdale, Cheswick, Harmar, and Springdale Township). We have partnered with the American Red Cross and will be discussing what to do during all types of emergencies and how to prepare for anything that may come up.

July 13, 2016 AVE EMA  responded to a report of a car in the river at the Springdale Marina. the incident started at 11AM  and the recovery of the vehicle was completed at approximately 7PM. Due to the length of time  the vehicle was in the river it was decayed beyond recognition and no identifying numbers could be found. Recovery was slow because the vehicle came out in pieces. I want to commend all  agencies involved for a  job well done and  the level of cooperation and professionalism was excellent.

December 29, 2016: Responded to a house fire at 326 Butler Logan Road. The structure was fully involved when fire units arrived on scene. EMA assisted with the occupants of the home and assisted the fire company. Two residents were hospitalized with minor injuries. All residents were assisted by the Red Cross.

January 2, 2017: Responded to a gasoline smell in residents homes on North, James, and Railroad Streets in the sanitary sewers. Source of the smell could not be found, and residents were told to open windows and flush their sanitary sewers with a garden hose. The fire department and borough workers flushed the sanitary sewers in several locations on the streets and the smell dissipated as the flushing was done.

Allegheny Valley Regional EMA is proud to announce that we have partnered with the American Red Cross, Springdale Volunteer Fire Dept. , Cheswick Volunteer Fire Dept., and Allegheny Valley Fire Dept. to bring the Smoke Detector Program to the residents of Allegheny Valley. Residents will soon be receiving a notice on their door on how to register for FREE smoke detectors for their homes. These will be 10 YEAR detectors, you will not have to change batteries for 10 YEARS. Once you call the phone number on the door hanger to register, a representative from your local fire department will make arrangements to come to your home and install the detectors, and give a brief fire safety talk to your family. All detectors must be installed by a trained volunteer, no detectors will be given to residents to install themselves.This is no requirement to get the free detectors. (Their is no income requirement to get the detectors.).As of today June 6th 2018 we have installed over 300 units and are expecting another shipment of detectors in the near future to continue with the installs. 

Through the generosity of Springdale Energy we are please that we have now put into service the new incident command trailer Command 807. This would have never been possible without Springdale Energy's dedication to the local communities, in making sure all the local first responders and police have the best equipment available to handle any emergencies that may come our way. This command trailer is available to all of the police and fire and EMS agencies. It is a self sufficient unit, equipped with its own power, heat and air conditioning, computers, printer and internet. We will be adding features to it in the future as we see a need. So THANK YOU SPRINGDALE ENERGY, you are one of the greats 



We want to express our sincerest appreciation to SPRINGDALE ENERGY for their generous donation so that we could upgrade

our CPR, AED and First Aid training equipment to the American Heart new standards. We now have all feed back training manikins and AED trainers. We also have EpiPen trainers and much more. It it because of Springdale Energy we are able to provide the highest level of training to all of our local first responders, police, school personnel and citizens. This would have never been possible without their generosity and dedication to the local communities.







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